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Jamal M. Aziz

Highlight № 45

Digital Illustration | 2D

artist from Indonesia

Starting his career as a graphic designer for the musician duo Endah N Rhesa in 2012, Jamal's passion for art soon transcended his initial professional boundaries, leading him to explore the diverse and expressive world of visual arts.

Despite his formal education, Jamal found his true calling in the intricate dance of watercolor, ink, and digital mediums. His fascination with the shapes and textures of animals and plants serves as a canvas upon which he reflects the complexities of human nature and emotion. Each of his personal works often unfolds as a monologue, inviting viewers into a dialogue with their own feelings and thoughts.

Jamal's artistic journey is marked by his establishment of Kapal Pecah Studio, a mural studio that he co-founded with friends to undertake specific and expansive projects across various styles. This collaborative venture not only expanded his artistic horizons but also fostered a creative community that thrives on innovation and expression.

Since 2015, Jamal has embraced the life of a freelance illustrator, where his unique perspective and versatile techniques have garnered appreciation and recognition. His works, whether through the delicate strokes of watercolor or the bold lines of ink, continue to captivate and inspire, embodying a seamless blend of natural beauty and human introspection.



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