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Suburbs is an ongoing exploration of suburbia and the stories within. Hayden Clay is a visual artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He specializes in feel-good surrealism, utilizing 3D art as a medium to delve into various concepts. His work often revolves around simple natural themes like water or clouds. Hayden is particularly interested in blurring the line between dreams and reality.

Featuring: Hayden Clay

Curated by Baku

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Title : #E44E29

For this exhibition, we invited artists to use RGB: #E44E29 within their compositions as a celebration of artistic progress. Why orange? Art is a continuum of human action. There has been a lot of evolution in our practices, techniques, and mentality before the integration of NTF technology into the arts. Things that seem so simple today were yesterday's innovations. There has also been a long chain of human actions behind the integration of the colour orange into our artistic practices. Before the end of the 15th century in Europe, this colour was named as a combination of two colours, yellow-red. The name "orange" came from the fruit that was later introduced in the eleventh century by the Arabs (narandj). The colour’s integration into Egyptian funeral paintings and medieval art was done by the use of realgar and orpiment which are highly toxic mineral pigments. The discovery of lead chromate allowed the creation of the first synthetic pigments and therefore the first synthetic orange pigments. This invention and that of metal paint tubes made it easier to use this colour. Orange subsequently became a very popular and important colour with the Pre-Raphaelites, History painters, Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Today, this colour is completely integrated into our daily life and is attributed many meanings depending on the time period and the cultural context. For the theme of this drop, after paying attention to its history, we were inspired to use orange as a symbol of artistic advances and the human thirst for discovery.

Featuring: BakaArts - Pascal Blanché - Lisa Odette - Huleeb - Brellias - KX - Diela - Johana Kroft - Dana Ulama - JKTLM - Baku

Curated by Baku


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Title : Origin

Def: "the beginning or creation of something." This exhibition is dedicated to the launch/rebranding of "Suburbs Gallery"

Featuring: Dirty Robot - Look at the Parking lot - Ishika Guha - Maalavida - wiresandtrees - Toomuchlag - Dead Seagull - Oska - Mark Constantine Inducil - Roberta Railaitė - Baku

Curated by Baku  & Aeforia's Dad


For most of us, the protection and comfort we seek in the middle of the night, when ghosts and unmentionable creatures haunt our minds is matriarchal. I can recall waking my mom because of my peculiar nightmares that would continue to haunt me for years. My worst nightmare was in high school when I lost my 20/30/20 combination for my locker near the ice rink. The reoccurring nightmare is still present today, even after so many years, and has birthed the idea to gather a group of wonderful artists to join me in vulnerability to share with the entire world their deepest, darkest nightmares. I realize that some of the pieces depicting nightmares you will discover today go beyond uncomfortable situations. For some, they can be winter and for others can be war. Nightmares open a vast gateway to the unedited subconscious; allowing us to peel back the layers without the filtering ego. I am honored to present today a crew of legends, whom I had fun creating with.

Featuring: Josh Pierce - FESQ - Dave Pollot - MBSJQ - Nois7 - Renderfruit - Lana Denina - Bael - Klarens - Baku - Creatiflux - Aeforia's Dad

Curated by Aeforia's Dad

Artwork: DEFCON 1 by Creatiflux



Title : Feels Like 5 Years !

Aeforia's Dad releases a retrospective collection together with some of the most exciting artists in the NFT space! eels like 5 years!! 12 artists, one year that feels like 5 years. It is an honour for me to gather 12 unique artists which I have been following very closely in this amazing year of 2021. They each have the pleasure to present their strongest moment of 2021. Being Aeforia’s dad is a chance I cherish. Collecting, curating and creating, while your son holds your hand across this magical space, is priceless. I have to thank Aeforia and friends for supporting me throughout this foray into their world and for the spark that allowed my own creativity to resurface. I hope that you will enjoy this retrospective of 2021. Kenavo 2021!

Featuring: Heiko Klug - Jason Ebeyer - Oska - Blake Kathryn - Amber Guzman - Toomuchlag - Maalavidaa - Aeforia - Xsullo - Teds Little Dream - Nate Hill - BakaArts

Curated by Aeforia's Dad

Artwork: Imaginaire by Oska


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