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Idil Dursun

Highlight № 19

Digital | 3D Motion design | Architect | CGI

Idil Dursun's artistic journey is a fascinating blend of architectural precision and imaginative exploration. She has garnered recognition for her captivating sci-fi and dystopian environment scenes, as well as her intricately crafted cityscapes. Through her digital artistry, she constructs a vivid and visionary portrayal of a future world, entirely of her own creation. Idil's artistic prowess has earned her a place in esteemed exhibitions, including features in 'Dark Matter Magazine,' displays at 'W1 Curates' in the UK, 'The Crypt Gallery' and 'Pellas Gallery' in the US, 'Dart Museum – Permanente di Milano' in Italy, and 'FUTR World Abu Dhabi' dil Dursun's work is an exploration of the boundaries between the possible and the imaginative, inviting viewers to embark on a journey into a future world that she so masterfully envisions.



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