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Highlight № 43

Digital | 2D

artist from Germany

We are thrilled to introduce Egor Shirinsky

as our 43rd Solo Highlight Artist at Suburbs Gallery. Egor's journey as a self-taught digital artist is nothing short of inspiring. Originally from Germany and now residing in Siberia, Egor's artistic evolution began in 2004 when he ventured into graphic design, creating works for friends ranging from posters to album covers. 

His passion for visual expression expanded in 2011 with the acquisition of his first DSLR camera, delving into the realms of photography. This exploration honed his understanding of composition, light, color, and shadow—a journey he continues to embark upon to this day.

Transitioning to NFT art approximately two years ago, Egor's artistic prowess blossomed further. Starting with collage art, he soon found his calling in vector illustration—a challenging yet rewarding medium that allows him to craft intricate and captivating illustrations.  Egor's dedication to his craft and his commitment to continuous growth are evident in every piece he creates. We are honored to showcase his exceptional talent at Suburbs Gallery.



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