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Highlight № 17

Digital Illustration | 2D

artist from Siberia to Azerbaijani

We are proud to introduce SSHAYNI, a talented artist whose captivating journey and diverse heritage breathe life into her unique creations. SSHAYNI's story is as rich and vibrant as her artwork. Born in Siberia to Azerbaijani parents who had relocated to Russia for work, SSHAYNI's artistic journey began in her childhood. Her early passion for art led her to paint every available wall until her parents recognized her talent and provided her with a sketchbook. Her artistic pursuit continued through formal education, culminating in a bachelor's degree in teaching and graphic design. She then ventured into the world of digital product design and promotion, earning a master's degree. However, SSHAYNI's creative path was marked by periods of departure from the art world, driven by personal challenges stemming from her unique upbringing and struggles with self-perception. At one point, she even burned all her physical artworks, vowing never to return to art. But fate had different plans. Crypto-art emerged as a transformative force in her life, rekindling her creative spirit and offering a novel canvas for self-expression. Her art now serves as a vehicle for capturing the complexity of her journey, celebrating her heritage.



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